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The Team Fortress 2 Fort

The Team Fortress 2 Fort

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TF2 Loseing internet connection

#  Jun 26, 2008 at 9:27 AM
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Okay iv had the orange box for about 2 months now and i have never played T2,until yester i had a sudden urge to play it really bad,so i tryed to.When i i got on everything was going smooth,i stayed on the title screen for a bit looking at all the junk,then i tryed to join a server it got to 'Parsing Game Data' then just stoped,lost internet connection (everything did,couldnt see my friends,AOL,AIM,MSN nothing) then i hit 'Cancel' and everything come back online,any suggestions?
I've tryed the whole defrag/delete gameregistry.blob thing and it helped a bit.i Was able to get past parsing once and it stoped at downloading map
#  Jun 26, 2008 at 9:49 AM
6 Years 6 Months
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Some various things from steam support:


Refreshing a Server List Locks Up My Internet Connection


Whenever I attempt to refresh the server list for my game, my internet connection dies. How can I fix this?


This indicates that your router or modem is getting flooded when receiving pings from servers. To resolve this issue:

  1. Look for a firmware update for your router and/or modem that may resolve the issue.
  2. If no firmware update is available, set Steam's Internet Connection speed to a lower setting to reduce the speed that the server list populates. This setting can be changed in Steam, in "Settings" under the "Downloads" tab.
  3. If this still fails to resolve the issue, you may artificially limit the speed at which the list populates. To do so:
    1. Go to Start > Run and type in: regedit.
    2. Navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Valve\Steam\.
    3. Create a new string value registry setting named CafeRate.
    4. Give the CafeRate regkey a value of 10000 and progressively decrease the value until the issue is resolved. A rate of 3000 should be considered the minimum value.
  4. If you are still unable to resolve your issue, you should strongly consider replacing your router with a higher-grade model.

Client dropped by server and Warning: Connection Problem


I am receiving one of the error messages listed below - what can I do to avoid connection problems while playing Steam games?

Error Messages
  • WARNING : Connection Problem
  • Client dropped by server


If you receive the error message "WARNING: Connection Problem" in the upper right-hand portion of your screen while playing, or if you are dropped from a server with the error message "Client dropped by server", there is a network connectivity issue interfering with game traffic between your machine and the server you are playing on.

Common Causes

  • You are using a wireless connection or a 56K modem (these devices may not be able to accommodate the bandwidth requirements of the game)
  • There is a virus, a P2P program, or some other background application running on your network or on your machine which is using up the bandwidth needed to maintain your connection to the game server
  • There are other computers on your local network which are using up the bandwidth needed to maintain your connection to the game server
  • The network connection for the server you are playing on is overloaded (this may result from having inadequate bandwidth to support the players who are joining the game or from other applications being run on the server)
  • Your rate, cl_updaterate, or cl_cmdrate settings are not configured correctly for your connection speed
  • There is a conflict with your router, modem and/or Internet Service Provider and Steam


  • Programs which interfere with Steam

    Review the FAQ below to ensure you are not running any applications which may be interfering with Steam:

    Please check the Programs which interfere with Steam topic to see if a background appli

#  Jun 26, 2008 at 9:50 AM
6 Years 6 Months
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Ping (latency) jumps when connecting to a server


The server pings are all fine when I look at them in the serverbrowser, but my ping (latency) jumps when I connect to any server. What's wrong?


Any time you see symptoms like this you need to check your computer and local network for problems.

If you are running anything like cybersitter, netlimiter or x-fire or any windows theme programs like windowblinds uninstall them, these are known offenders.

If you have XP SP2, uninstall any other firewall program until you solve this problem (uninstall, don't "delete").  ZoneAlarm especially is causing a lot a problems for players.

Some anti-virus (and firewall) programs are having problems with SP2, Grisoft AVG 6 and earlier versions especially.  Uninstall "old" A/V programs or upgrade to the latest version.

Update your firewall permission.  You must remove all reference to steam.exe, hl.exe, hlds.exe, and hl2.exe from your firewall permissions and let them be re-learned every steam update.  Don't just assume because they are listed there that they are ok.

Be sure to give permission for all ports and for TCP and UDP. If it doesn't ask after you remove existing permissions, then you have something set wrong (security too high) or you have another firewall running.

Home Network Details
If you ask for assistance, always provide your internet modem / router manufacturer and model and firmware numbers when reporting problems like this.

Problem Modems and Routers
There are at least four known modems / routers that can cause problems like these, Actiontec, Linksys, Dlink, and BroadXent (Creative Labs).

There are probably more than that, but those are the only ones that have been consistantly reported to cause problems.

There is no solution for Actiontec except to get a new modem. Linksys can be fixed by running a specific "older" firmware version, the latest versions (and very old versions) have problems.  More information here.

Dlink shows up from time to time, bypassing the router will usually fix the problem if it's the cause.

Broadxent is a good example of a DSL modem + router that can cause this exact problem.

They have a firmware design or bug that will cause the modem to crash and go offline for a minute if you refresh more than 8,000 servers (varies with the model numbers). Other "low-end" modems and routers can show this exact same problem.

Always, if your internet connection goes offline when you try to get a list of servers or connect, then you have a modem/router problem.

Slow Down Steam to Test
Slowing down the Steam internet connection rate to "modem" speeds may help your problem.  Setting your rate too high may overload your modem or router or internet connection and cause this problem.

This can be especially true if you have a number of computers online behind one modem (like a home LAN event or CyberCafe).

Always restart Steam after changing the internet connection rate.

Bypass External Routers
If you have a problem like this and you run a modem and a router, always remove the router and plug straight into the modem and see if your problem goes away.

The linksys "network everywhere router" has recently been reported to cause this exact problem.

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