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The Team Fortress 2 Fort

The Team Fortress 2 Fort

#  Mar 17, 2009 at 10:56 PM
5 Years 6 Months
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[u][b]Waste (PL)[/b][/u] [i](Beta 4)[/i]
by Eric "Icarus" Wong
[url=]Download from FPSBanana[/url]
[url=]Download from TF2Maps[/url]

[b]**Waste is currently part of the (^) Custom Rotation**[/b]

[b]***BETA 4 PRESENTS: NEW PAYLOAD CART!!***[/b] - By Z33W13R

[i]5CP Tug-o-War Payload[/i]
Waste is a new gametype in which the payload can be pushed by either team. It plays similarly to other 5-point Control Point maps, such as Well, except that it places a stronger emphasis on teamwork to push the cart and coordination to flank the enemy. These alternate routes, although longer, usually provide health and ammo pickups not normally present on the main payload track.

Please provide feedback, whether it be bug reports or even small requests. This beta is a release candidate.

Escort the payload to the enemy base. Stand near the payload to make it move.

Other Notes:
Both teams can push the cart. The payload moves faster as more teammates stand near it.

Beta 4 Release Notes:
-Reduced filesize by 20MB
-Improved performance
-Number of players pushing the cart is now displayed
-Remade initial spawn rooms
-Increased respawn time for attackers
-Fixed cart not moving slower for defenders
-Increased cart speed for teams assaulting final point
-Made it easier for soldiers to rocket jump to the upper level in the final areas
-Lowered soldier perch around the middle cap
-Main spawn rooms are now less campable
-Improved symmetry
-Added Waste Payload Cart B1 by Z33W13R
-Shuffled pickups
-Improved tug-o-war logic
-Several bug fixes

Beta 3 Release Notes:
-Improved performance
-Widened up and added a window at the "U-turn" chokepoint
-Fixed compatibility issues with Sudden Death mode
-Teams that own more CPs than the enemy will be able to push the cart faster
-Improved lighting in dark areas
-Fixed Color Correction not working
-Removed and shifted locations of pickups between the 2nd and last points
-Round time is now capped at 6 minutes
-Raised/Removed the "ceiling clips"
-Several bug fixes

Beta 2 Release Notes:
-Improved performance
-Added more cover around the middle checkpoint
-Reduced size of healthpacks around 2nd checkpoints
-Widened up the "U-turn" chokepoint
-Rearranged final areas to make it easier for defenders to get to the upper deck
-Reduced time rewarded after each capture
-Reduced respawn times for attackers
-Added more ambient sound
-Updated tug-o-war logic
-Several bug fixes
-Download now includes a pre-bzipped file

Beta 1 Release Notes:
-Publicly released beta 1 for fine tuning

Unpack the contents of the .rar into your tf directory. Keeping the folder system intact will allow you to see the thumbnail in the Map List.

pl_waste_b4.bsp               ;The map itself
pl_waste_b4.bsp.bz2           ;A compressed version of the map, for fast-download servers
menu_thumb_pl_waste_b4.vtf    ;Map list image
menu_thumb_pl_waste_b4.vmt    ;Map list thumbnail
pl_waste_b4.jpg               ;Heatmap use
readme_pl_waste_b4.txt           ;This file

Special Thanks: -- for all their support and gameday servers
Z33W13R -- for making the waste payload cart
Clan Woof -- for being awesome
#  Mar 17, 2009 at 10:59 PM
6 Years 3 Months
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you seem to have an influx of new maps coming in, all with similar names
Well, this certainly is the best version of the map, and to anyone who hasn't played it, I urge you to do so immediately- it's so refreshing to play a map this unique.
#  Mar 18, 2009 at 5:31 PM
5 Years 3 Months
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I still love this map - this is how PL should be. Great focus on surrounding high ground. Breaks up the cart zerg well.
#  Mar 18, 2009 at 5:34 PM
5 Years 10 Months
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I still havn't played this map in pl form yet

Will definetely have to give it a go sometime
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